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news:   25/03/08   updated for new links and added directors index

news:   01/03/07   updated for new links and added 'the man'

news:   01/01/07   complete overhaul completed: dead links/PB pages that are still in police custody have been removed. updated to current date. and a new banner/logo/thingy installed. enjoy!

news:   24/06/06   the files have been restored, everyone rejoice, the library is open once again.

news:   10/06/06   most links point to files still in police custody. hence the many 'no such torrent' pages. why not try replacing them with reseeds, or posting bail

news:   03/06/06   PirateBay back up!

news:   31/05/06   PirateBay taken down by Swedish Police. see message board for further details

news:   30/05/06   to avoid adverts direct to site via

news:   04/05/06   currently re-vamping site. will be finished.